Adult Salsa Fundamentals

From: $25.00

This Salsa Fundamentals class in considered a “Drop – In” class which means new dancers can come in to any of our bachata classes. We do, however, encourage new dancers to consider signing up for the class per month for several reasons.

1. New dancers improve quicker when their learning pattern is CONSISTENT and not sporadic.

2. Having a consistent group of dancers helps all dancer learn at the same time and give better support to each others learning.

3. The monthly rate is more economic than paying per class.

If you are interested in signing up for our monthly rate, you can do so in person at the class or by telephone at 414-294-9494.



In this high paced salsa group class, we will definitely get you moving. We teach the proper techniques for salsa footwork as well as turn patterns and how to properly lead and follow.