Adult Dance Classes

Private Dance Lessons

Perfect for the student who wants to speed up their learning process or would like to compete or perform. Private classes offer the advantage of having a dance instructor just for you, giving you the opportunity to learn exactly what you want at your pace. Private lessons are by far the best way to learn how to dance. Private lessons are scheduled by phone or in person, so call us today to set up your first private lesson!

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Gustavo Krystal Dance Studio Private Lessons

Drop-in Group Classes

Our drop in classes are perfect for new students who are just getting into the dance scene or for students who can not make a weekly commitment. We offer 3 disciplines of dance on a weekly basis. See each class description below and just drop-in anytime!

Adult Dance Technique

Dance Technique

Improve your overall dance technique that will help you in any style of dance. We work with a ballet/jazz base to improve flexibility, strength, center of balance, and much more.

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Bachata Fundamentals

Bachata Fundamentals

In this class we teach the bachata basics and additional footwork as well as partner work. We teach out students patterns that you can take social dancing for your next night out on the town.

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Saslsa Fundamentals

Salsa Fundamentals

In this fast-paced salsa group class we will definitely get you moving. We teach the proper techniques for salsa footwork as well as turn patterns and how to properly lead and follow.

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Gustavo Krystal Dance Studio Group Lessons

Choreography Classes

Our choreography groups are perfect for those wanting to take their dance to the next level. Our choreography groups meet twice a week and have the opportunity to perform as a team. See the groups we offer below and call ahead to register.

Ladies Latin Styling Class

Ladies Latin Styling

This class is designed for women or for anyone wanting to learn feminine styling in Latin dance. Each season we choose a different style of Latin dance for our choreography. Our ladies class focuses on feminine movement and styling through core movement. All levels are welcome, however we do recommend those who join have a solid understanding of basic salsa footwork patterns. We also recommend those who plan on performing to attend our drop-in technique classes. Call to register for this class or to see when our next choreography begins.

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Salsa Dance Classes

Salsa 1, 2, and 3

Due to high demand we offer 3 levels of salsa choreography. Level placement is determined by our staff. Choreography groups begin periodically throughout the year and require prior registration. All of our groups require a basic knowledge of our Salsa level A curriculum. These groups allow our students to expand their knowledge of salsa movement and provide performance and competition opportunities at the higher levels. All groups meet twice weekly.

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